33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
17 Nov 2017

There are two kinds of people in our churches today: risk-takers and care-takers.  The problem with care-takers is that they might show up at the gate of heaven with little to show for the lives they have lived.  Jesus warns us against our care-taker’s attitude in today’s Gospel parable.  All life is a risk.  People who are afraid of risking anything or taking chances do not win.  Fear is not the mother of invention or discovery.  Fear paralyzes action.  Fearful people will be concerned about their own skin and security.  The parable today can challenge us to look at the ways in which each of us look at what we own and what we earn.  Are we risk-takers or care-takers?  Are we hoarders or are we generous?  Do we think ahead about how some small risks might be necessary to accomplish good things in life?  The needs of the community, parish, diocese and country are great.  They won’t be filled by burying our Talents.  Ordinary work, when done with enthusiasm and a willing heart, helps the love of God to be made visible in the dark corners of life.  Our intention should be to do as well as we can whatever job we are carrying out, avoiding apathy and the ‘couldn’t care less’ approach.  In this way we can offer back to God the lives given to us, more fulfilled and more enriched.