33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
16 Nov 2018

The readings today aim to focus our minds on an overall view of life’s purpose so as to encourage us to live on a more spiritual level.  We are on an earthly pilgrimage and have within us deep-seated longings for a better world.  At journey’s end we are hoping for an everlasting happiness, for a bright dawn to emerge out of our present darkness.  What is important to remember is that our own death spells the end of our particular world. At that moment, life’s mission is accomplished and we go forward to meet Christ face to face.  It may happen at any time and we’ve got to be prepared for the encounter.  While we cannot avoid a sudden death, we can take steps against an unprepared death by living each day carefully as if it is our last and by keeping God ever in our sights.  If we are carrying God in our hearts wherever we go, heaven will not come as a surprise, but as a full blossoming of the world we have been building for ourselves.  It makes sense to pause and to do some spiritual stock-taking.  We can all check what our relationship with God is like and where our hearts and values lie.  Have we put our confidence in the way God has shown us?  We are people with a glorious future so let’s not spoil it by refusing to live upright lives.