3rd Sunday in Advent

St. Pius X | News
15 Dec 2017

In today’s gospel, John the Baptist declares that he is not the Saviour.  His task is to prepare the way for the Saviour, who is already among the people, though they do not recognize him.  Following last Sunday’s lead, John summons all to faith in Jesus Christ.  For John, his lifestyle, as well as his personal integrity lent credence to his words.  He was a living example of what he preached.  And when his task was done, he moved aside to make way for Jesus. And Jesus was the light.  However, we cannot be a witness for the light if we are living in darkness. We have to be living in the light.  A good life is a strong and effective witness, and in itself is a proclamation of the Gospel.   When religious practice is divorced from life a vital element is missing.  But when religious practice leads to deeds, a very effective witness is given.  No witness reaches our contemporaries as persuasively as the witness of those who do what Jesus commanded.  Without the witness of Christians the face of Christ, already blurred, will continue to fade from our world. He will continue to stand among us, unknown and unrecognized.   Hearts will remain broken, and people will remain imprisoned in darkness, and the good news will not be preached to the poor.  The task is not one for the individual Christian only but for the Christian community as a whole.  It is easier to witness to Christ as a member of a supportive community.