3rd Sunday in Easter

St. Pius X | News
3 May 2019

Eager to put the trauma and disgrace of Good Friday out of their minds, the apostles have slipped back to life as it was before the call of Jesus.  However, the Risen Lord enters their lives on the seashore and invites them to share in yet another meal.  Whatever it was about that lakeside gathering it restored Peter’s confidence, gave him the strength to renew his faith and throw himself into the spreading of the Gospel.  The challenge which Christ presented to Peter is the same challenge facing us.  We are to plunge into the waters of life and risk everything for the sake of the Lord.  The miraculous catch of fish symbolizes the bringing of all people into the reach of God’s mercy.  The church will gather, into one unbroken net, women and men of every race, colour and nationality.  Like the apostles, everyone has been summoned by Jesus to extend God’s kingdom everywhere.  We are to bear witness, to go out and preach in his name to a world that does not always want to hear the truth.  To be faithful to the ideals of the gospel requires courage, because it is never easy to do what is right when it means we have to go against popular values.  All of us can find some role where we can be helpful to others, whether it be modest, spectacular, important or insignificant.  We are presented with daily opportunities to help the elderly, to listen to bereaved neighbours and to give human contact to the lonely, provided we are willing to take time out.  It’s as good a day as any to reflect on the way in which we perform or neglect these functions.