3rd Sunday in Lent

St. Pius X | News
2 Mar 2018

We can get angry over the simplest things in life.  I am sure people even get angry at the ATM machine if you’re not satisfied with your request.  Well, in ancient times, the money changers were the equivalent of ATM machines.  Jesus was upset with the money changers’ gouging, the exorbitant rates, the fleecing of the pilgrims who came to the temple.  And so, the temple had become a place of noise and transactions.  The money changers were desecrating a sacred temple with cheap commercialism.  The incident of Jesus getting angry here clearly states that anger which leads to reformation and betterment is a respectable and desirable emotion.  Therefore, Lent is the Church’s official time to get angry to overturn old tables and set up new ones.  And in doing this we need to get angry with the things that are not worth loving.  We need to get angry with the things that stand against putting first things first.  We need to get angry with anything that stands against the cultivation of spiritual insight.  We need to get angry with our selfishness.  By doing all of these we will have come to a better frame of mind to more worthily celebrate the Easter Resurrection!