3rd Sunday in Lent

St. Pius X | News
22 Mar 2019

We tend to think of Lent as a time for stepping up acts of personal devotion and piety without giving much thought to its real purpose, which is an invitation to repent, be converted and return to the Lord our God. Like the Jews in the gospel today, we can fool ourselves into feeling that all is well.  We can also imagine that we are in good spiritual shape and have no need for repentance precisely because no calamity has come our way.  The absence of misfortune does not mean the presence of virtue.  One point that comes across clearly in the message of Jesus is that we are expected to be fruitful and perform good works which are pleasing in God’s sight.  The Lenten invitation to repentance is not merely a call to turn away from evil but a plea to produce the fruits of good living.  The biting question is whether our love of God is evident in our treatment of others.  Reaching out to others in need demands getting out of ourselves and putting aside our selfish ways.  Lent then is an opportunity for taking a hard look at our lives and asking how we stand before God right now.  The challenge confronting us is to work the ground around our hearts in the expectation that it will produce good fruit in our day-to-day living.