3rd Sunday in Lent

St. Pius X | News
13 Mar 2020

The very human picture is painted of the encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well.  But as their conversation deepened the woman came to realize that her problem was not the lack of water but an inner thirst that no earthly water could satisfy – a thirst caused by the absence of God in her life.  Without a note of condemnation Jesus accepted her and coming to terms with everything she ever did wrong, she was released from her guilt.  He gave her hope and offered nothing less than the living waters of friendship and the Spirit of God which leads to eternal life.  In this gospel, Jesus is not just talking about water, but rather the saving love of God poured out into our hearts enabling us to find life and peace.  Thirst stands for the absence of God in our lives ~ that unsatisfied longing within every human heart.  Since the pleasures of life fail to satisfy the thirsting human spirit, the only remedy is a relationship with Jesus who provides a mysterious type of water producing a well-spring of life within us.  When we were baptized we received this saving water of life for the first time.  Today, Jesus asks us to have a look at how we are living out our baptism.  If we are suffering from thirst this spirit is always at hand to refresh us and lead us in our search for the unending, the unchanging and the eternal.