3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
25 Jan 2019

What Jesus proclaimed in the synagogue was a declaration that the moment of salvation had arrived and that he was the long-awaited Messiah. The message of the gospel, first preached in Galilee, is to be spread today through us. The Word of God which first came to birth in our souls at baptism is anxiously waiting to burst forth and take root in the lives of others.  There are so many ways we can make these words of Christ our very own and have them fulfilled in our hearing.  When we help those whose hearts have grown cold and are heavily weighed down, the love of God shines through us and we make them realize that Jesus Christ is not a memory but is living among us today.  We can touch people’s lives and be healers in times of estrangement, sympathetic in moments of sorrow and towers of strength and loving care on the occasion of tragedy.  To be successful channels of his message we have first to put our own house in order, by accepting the good news of Jesus, inviting him into our lives, so that he can show us the way.  If we are privileged to receive the gospel, then the challenge arises as to what extent do we pass on this portrait of God’s favour to others by what we are.  There is nowhere we can walk in life without leaving the imprint of who we are, good or bad, upon the ground we tread.