3rd Sunday of Advent

St. Pius X | News
14 Dec 2018

There is no mistaking the theme which rings out loud and clear in today’s liturgy ~ it’s a message of hope and rejoicing.  The dawn is beginning to break and the Lord is very near, closer to us than we realize.  Christ’s nearness is the strength which touches all our lives for he is now working with us and in us.  The call to rejoice, lift up our hearts and be happy, presents us with a challenge and requires some soul-searching in the face of the problems confronting us at any given moment.  Sadness is so much a part of the fabric of our lives that we are inclined to ask ~ what have I got to rejoice about with regards to myself or my family?  The dreadful happenings of the world around us give little cause for rejoicing. But John helps us recognize that happiness comes from doing good, being honorable and showing concern for those in need.  Experience shows that the giving of what we have will certainly make demands on us.  The joy that stems from our faith means that whether playing or praying, laughing or weeping, walking or dancing, Christ shines forth from us.  No one who has ever experienced this joy would exchange it for all the pleasures and comforts of this world.  If the Gospel is Good News, could this conclusion be reached from the expression on our faces?  We should be joyful people constantly experiencing an abiding feeling of happiness because things of great value have been promised to us.  And so we are invited to face this world with hope and confidence.