3st Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
1 Nov 2019

This is a delightfully touching gospel story about the boundless love that God has for sinners.  The message that Jesus is trying to get across to us is that nobody is beyond redemption.  There are no limits to the possibility of salvation offered by Jesus.  God’s grace is able to turn a life upside down and change a sinful person.  The greater the sinner the more forgiving he is.  There is no past, however shameful, that cannot be given a fresh start.  Lurking within each one of us there is a sinful Zacchaeus, seeking out the Lord to save us and give us new hope.  The call of Jesus, ‘Hurry, for I must stay in your house today,’ goes out to everyone in the congregation.  We must take full advantage of his passing, by acknowledging our sins and opening our hearts to his goodness.  The real focus of the story is on the last line of the gospel: “The Son of Man came to seek out and to save the lost.’  Before Jesus, all people are sinners like Zacchaeus.  The Lord has come to save you and me and he meets us at the point of our need, with no strings attached.  He is waiting to change our lives as soon as we show a willingness to open the door of our hearts and let his salvation get to work in the very centre of our being.