4th Sunday in Advent

St. Pius X | News
22 Dec 2017

Often in life we can’t see the full meaning of what we do.  Sometimes this meaning is completely hidden from us.  In such a case it becomes very difficult to go on, especially if the task is disagreeable, or those for whom we do it are ungrateful.  In today’s Gospel we see how Mary consented to become the mother of the Redeemer.  But when she said Yes to God, she didn’t realize the full implications of what she was agreeing to?  She had no idea that at his birth every door would be closed in her face.  That shortly after his birth she would be a refugee in a foreign country.  That some thirty-three years later she would see him executed as a criminal.  Mary didn’t just say Yes once.  She had to confirm that original Yes many times during her life.  Without Mary’s obedience to God we would not have a Redeemer.  Each of us has said Yes when we have undertaken commitments and responsibilities.  When we said our original Yes, we took a leap in the dark, for we didn’t know the full implications of what we were undertaking.  This is gradually revealed to us as we go along. Hence, we too have to confirm our original Yes, not once but many times, and ask God to help us to remain faithful.   Even with Mary’s experience, she asked questions.  Faith is not blind.  It is beyond reason but not against it.  But having asked questions, the answers to which can never fully satisfy us, we have to let God be God.  We have to bow to the mystery.