4th Sunday in Lent

St. Pius X | News
20 Mar 2020

The gospel today about the man born blind is for all time and every day.  At a deeper level it reminds us that we were all born blind and were groping in spiritual darkness until at baptism we began our journey of faith in the likeness of Christ.  The life we receive at baptism gives us the power to bring Christ to everything we do and to every person we meet.  Light is a symbol of life with Christ and darkness is the religious image of sinfulness, shameful deeds and unbelief.  Each of us is meant to be a beacon of light showing others how to live and giving direction to their lives by our good example.  It is an opportune time to reflect on how we are living out our baptismal commitment and to see if Christ really counts and influences our behavior.  If we are courteous and friendly in our dealing our neighbors, we can be certain that the light of Christ is being reflected through us.  Families who are not on speaking terms because of past differences should remember that they have closed out the light of God’s love from one another.  In its place they have substituted the darkness of hatred and the blindness of jealousy and are unable to see anything good in one another.  Christ is asking us to look at our blind-spots because coming from darkness into light is not an easy journey.  It takes time and requires patience because of the many pitfalls on the road.  Jesus knows our weaknesses and is willing to help us provided we come to him for healing.