4th Sunday in Lent

St. Pius X | News
29 Mar 2019

This gospel about the merciful father and his two self-centred sons is one of the best loved stories in the scriptures. The two sons of course have their own issues, but the star of the show is the father who welcomes his son home without a word of reproach or recrimination.  Irrespective of what has happened, he can not change the one basic fact of the case.  His son is still his son and he will always be received with open arms. The father in the story is someone whose love never changes and is present all the time as much when the son goes off as when he returns.  That’s where the gospel story tells us something about the gracious goodness of God ~ his warmth with sinners and the length of his merciful arm.  God never changes.  Somehow in a way beyond our understanding he knows the weakness, the waywardness and the perversity of the human heart and makes allowances.  His love for us remains; he is always willing to forgive.  Lent is a time for growing in an appreciation of the beautiful and comforting truth that every person has a place in the heart of God.  This story is drawn from real life with existing situations and if we are honest we can see shades of the elder and the younger sons in ourselves.  We have been wandering, disobedient and selfish children who hold grudges and are unwilling to forgive one another.  We have forgotten our ever-loving God who even after our most stupid mistakes, and tragic sins is always ready to welcome us with open arms.  The Gospel tells us what coming home to God is really like.