4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
26 Jan 2018

In our second reading today, St. Paul says to the people in Corinth: “I want you to be free from anxieties.”  You might say to him, right, but have you met my boss, spouse, my child or my parents?  Have you seen the problems I am dealing with at work, at home, in school?  No one is forced to worry, but still everyone worries. How to stop worrying?  Just as we can train our muscles to learn a new golf swing, we can train our brains to learn new ways of dealing with worries.  The heart of today’s Gospel is that Jesus liberates us, as he did the man in the synagogue.  If we wish to be free from anxieties and worries, we need to be liberated from our captivities.  I received an ordination gift with a card that said, “Lord, help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that you and I together cannot handle.”  I hope you have heard the Lion King Movie song: “HakunaMatata!”  it is a Swahili phrase literally translated as “there are no worries” for the rest of our days. It is our problem-free life philosophy.  HakunaMatata!