4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
1 Feb 2019

When Jesus began his public ministry in his home town, the initial reaction of the locals to his preaching was very favourable.  However, as time passed, they felt threatened because they realized that they were being challenged to change their ways.  What he made clear to all was that he was not in the popularity game.  He had come to preach the Good News regardless of how well it would be received.  What happened that day in Nazareth was to be repeated over and over again during his ministry, with crucifixion as the inevitable final outcome.  What we have to understand is that in every generation people are invited to witness to Christ, not simply with words, but with their lives.  The mission of Christ points to our mission which we received at baptism, to witness to the values which he represents.  Every Christian is by nature an apostle to whom God has entrusted other people.  What this means for us is that in our daily lives, we are called to love more tenderly, showing patience when irritated by shortcomings among friends and neighbours, a readiness to excuse and overlook sharp words, and to make a commitment to use our gifts and talents in the way they were intended.  As followers of Christ we will discover that there will be moments when we will have to stand up and be counted, and our moral worth severely tested. As it was with Jesus, so it is with us.  Christ is in every one of us.  Either we honour him or deny his presence, but what we do to him is done to ourselves. �I�