4th Sunday of Advent

St. Pius X | News
21 Dec 2018

With Christmas just around the corner, the days of Advent waiting are almost over.  On this Fourth Sunday of Advent the readings are alive with excitement about the Saviour who is coming very soon.  And so, it is no surprise that the spotlight is focused on Mary because no one can help us to understand the meaning of Christmas better than Mary.  Mary reveals in living colour how all Christians are to await Christ.  She was carrying him as a gift to a world in need and we are to do likewise.  We are signs of his presence when we give ourselves to others ~ and what better time than at Christmas, when we meet family and friends with warmth and added feeling.  At Christmas everybody ought to feel included, but society doesn’t work that way and a lot of people feel more outside then then they have ever been in their lives.  Let us not forget the humble origins of Jesus, born into our world in pain and sorrow, in a stable on the very bottom rung of the social ladder.  Like Mary, we are all invited in our own lives to do the will of God.  The truth is that all our celebrations are an empty sham if Jesus is not born into our hearts.  The gifts that we give have no purpose unless God is part of the giving and unless we make Christmas a pattern to be followed in everyday living.  Following in the spirit of Mary, whatever we do in offering ourselves to others, it’s one sure way of offering the perfect Christmas gift of saying to God as Mary did, ‘Here I am Lord, I’ve come to do your will.’