4th Sunday of Easter

St. Pius X | News
10 May 2019

The gospel today picks up the idea of Christ the good shepherd calling each of us by name as we journey through life by different ways.  Youth is a time of great generosity, idealism and hope. In these loud and frantic days it may be more difficult for them to hear the voice of God calling, so we should pray that, as they face the decision about their future role in life, they will leave open the possibility of God helping them to make the right choice in their calling.  There are enormous riches within the hearts of our youth ~ riches that are theirs to spend lavishly during life.  Many of them are unaware of their giftedness and never draw on their talents because they are afraid to take the risk of faith which is needed.  By opening their hearts in prayerful service, God, and not material things, will be the focus of their attention. The special calling facing them is to be Christ to others in times of need, to be healers in times of sorrow, towers of strength in times of distress and a shoulder to lean upon when support is needed.  It is always easier to wash one’s hands of the responsibility of proclaiming the gospel than to become involved.  Fostering vocations is not only the responsibility of parents, but the community as a whole.  Our support is particularly important, because the faith of our youth grows through the example of our own faith, by the practice of prayer in the Church and in the family. God does not knock on every door looking for someone to respond to a religious vocation. However, if God does indeed knock at your door, be generous enough to let him in.