5th Sunday in Lent

St. Pius X | News
31 Mar 2017

Today’s gospel speaks to all of us and gives us hope. It tells us that God is stronger than death and he will bring all who are his friends into eternal life. The raising of Lazarus points out that the life we are searching for is not an extension of physical life but eternal life with God. Real death is not physical death but spiritual death which is the destruction of the loving purpose God made us for. The life we share with God is not something which begins after death. It began on the day of our baptism when the seed of God’s life was planted in us for the first time. At that moment, we were given the power to start seeing as Jesus sees, to love as he loves and to follow him to the right hand of the Father. Once baptized there should be no going back on that relationship. Unfortunately, many of us fail to hear God’s daily call to intimacy because we are not fully convinced of being caught up in the ways of the world and so enticed by its passing pleasures that we refuse to come out of our tombs and be free. We hold on to selfishness, cling to past grudges and stand on our dignity because pride will not permit us to make up past differences. As a result, the life we receive at baptism weakens and we become dead to the voice of Christ calling us to himself and wanting to make his home in us. The story of Lazarus tells us that in dying to sin we are born to eternal life. These last days of Lent are about joining ourselves to the passion and death of Christ by deepening our response to his way of life; prayer, penance, acts of charity and personal conversion are the soil in which this life grows. Joining with Christ in his death is a sure guarantee of sharing in his resurrection.