5th Sunday in Lent

St. Pius X | News
16 Mar 2018

We hear the words from today’s Gospel: “The person who loves their life loses it, and the person who sacrifices their life in this world will keep it for eternal life.”  What a poor world it would be if everyone put their own personal safety, security and selfish advancement first rather than last.  It is always because people have been prepared to die to self-interest that the most precious things humanity possesses have been born.  Each act of kindness, toward a loved one or a stranger is a step in the right direction.  A wife meets her greatest challenge to die to self as she devotedly cares for her terminally ill husband unto the end, never counting the cost in dollars or days.  So, it is a husband attending to his paraplegic wife in a heroic sacrifice of his life.   So, it is a parent unconditionally loving their child with Down Syndrome, open to the Godly beauty and goodness that child has brought into the world.