5th Sunday in Lent

St. Pius X | News
5 Apr 2019

In the readings today we are reminded forcefully of the readiness of God to forgive sin, bind up broken lives and restore people to his friendship. The church wants us to focus our attention on the plight of the sinful woman because before God all of us stand silent in our sinfulness.  The good news is that what Jesus does for her he is willing to do for us.  Her story of sin committed and sin forgiven is not an isolated event but an example of the inexhaustible mercy and compassion shown by Jesus to sinners.  The lesson here is not that sin is unimportant but that God in his goodness extends pardon to the sinner.  Nothing is equal to the mercy of God as shown to us in Jesus Christ, who took the weight of our sins upon himself when he gave his life for us on Calvary.  Lent is an invitation to take a close look at our lives, acknowledge our weaknesses and start anew in the friendship of God.  Christ’s offer of forgiveness and compassion to this publicly humiliated woman points out our call to be a forgiving people, dedicated to reconciliation.  It is so easy to criticize and condemn others, yet when our own faults are revealed we need the welcoming and merciful hands of God.  We should all be overjoyed that on the last day God will be our judge and not our neighbour.