5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
2 Feb 2018

The Book of Job confronts the problem of suffering.  The common explanation was that suffering was a punishment for sin.  But, though Job is a good man, he suffers greatly.  His suffering causes him to take a gloomy view of life.  This sets the scene for the Gospel.  However, what we see in the Gospel is not Jesus’ answer to the question ‘why suffering’, but his response to actual suffering.  He heals the sick and proclaims the good news of salvation.   The Gospel also shows the urgency with which he dedicated himself to preaching the Gospel, something we see exemplified also in today’s second reading.  In the midst of his activity Jesus found time to pray in quiet places.  It was during these hours of solitude that he maintained and fostered the most important thing in his life – his relationship with the Father.  Here lay the secret of his successful ministry.   For us, we need only look at the example Jesus has given us through his life. He shows us that although his own suffering led to Calvary, it didn’t end there.  It ends at Easter.  Thus, for Christians suffering becomes an opportunity to share in Christ’s Passion in the hope of sharing in his Easter victory.