5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
8 Feb 2019

The Gospel today presents us with Peter after his faith and perseverance were rewarded, realizing he was in the presence of the almighty Lord.  What happened to Peter is what happens to us.  When we recognize our own sinfulness the power of Christ becomes available to enrich us, so that we can offer ourselves to God, faults and all.  The discovery of our spiritual poverty opens us to receive what God is offering and awakens us to an awareness of his call.  We should not be looking for God in strange places because he speaks to us in ordinary situations where he finds us, in the humdrum bits and pieces of our every day experiences.  We are more likely to hear his call in our pain than in our plenty.  When we discover the hand of God at work in our lives, the impossible becomes possible.  The challenge facing all of us is to detect the voice of God in our lives and to have the courage and generosity to answer promptly.  God expects us to share in his work of spreading his love and mercy.  Peter offers an inspiring example in leaving his nets to become a fisher of people.  Jesus wants us to go through life with our hand in his hand.  There will be times when we are called to take a new direction and face the unknown.  Our response should be no less generous than Peter’s if we are to meet the challenge of the vocation to which we are called.