5th Sunday of Easter

St. Pius X | News
17 May 2019

This new commandment which Jesus speaks of in the Gospel today is to be the sign by which the world would recognize his followers.  As his followers, we need to learn how to go about loving others for the sake of God, because at the end of our earthly journey, we will be judged on how well we have loved.  The one thing we all need to experience is the kind of love that Jesus lived and preached.  This is the one Commandment on which we are called to base every action and it is the very core of the gospel.  Love has the power to give meaning to impossible situations, to bring light into darkness, to inspire people, fill them with hope and give them the courage to continue on the road ahead. The gospel is an invitation to look into our hearts and see how we are answering this call to love in our lives and within our families.  There is always the danger that we may be in love with ourselves instead of with one another. The presence of God so easily fades into the background when we give way to this inner selfishness. The real test of love is how we respect others. No one can be a friend of Jesus Christ who does not love their neighbour.