6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
9 Feb 2018

In biblical times lepers were treated as pariahs. Leprosy was believed to be highly contagious.   Because of this they were forced to live outside the community.   Leprosy was the ultimate uncleanness.  It made the victim an outcast not only socially, but also in the religious sphere.  Jesus broke through all the religious and social taboos and reached out a loving and healing hand to the leper. In this way we see how a Christian community should deal with sinners and people society rejects.  Physical contact is precisely what gives people, especially those who are sick and wounded a sense of warmth and joy.  By the very act of touching another person we accept that person exactly as he or she is.  So, just imagine how good it must have felt for the leper when Jesus touched him.  Besides, a Christian is one who has been ‘cleansed’ by Christ in baptism, and who ought to spread the ‘good news’.  In the Gospel we have an early instance of what scholars call Mark’s ‘Messianic Secret,’ whereby Jesus seems to hide his identity as the Messiah and Son of God until it is made apparent after his death and resurrection.