6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
15 Feb 2019

The Beatitudes are such a familiar part of the gospel that when we hear them read we can easily miss their meaning.  The message they contain may take a lifetime to learn, but unless we take it to heart there will be no entry into the kingdom of heaven.  Following Christ is not meant to be easy and it is a challenge we must face every day.  We are invited to do things that do not come naturally to us like being humble, showing mercy and opening our hearts to those in need.  On the surface, the gospel might appear to be a plea for poverty and a condemnation of riches.  However, Jesus does not idealize poverty as a value to be sought for its own sake but as a means to giving us greater freedom to follow Christ without compromise.  The message contained in this gospel is both severe and challenging because it is at odds with our customary way of thinking.  Many of us who profess Jesus to be our Saviour, live life without any thought for our religious beliefs.  As we face the task of developing a proper relationship with God, we are frightened by the deep demands which the Beatitudes make on us.  We are called not to worship wealth, food or comfort, but to worship the God who alone can grant us all good things.