6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
14 Feb 2020

One of the main criticisms levelled at church-goers is that their Sunday worship has little influence on their weekday lives.  Jesus in the gospel today is telling us that getting by within the letter of the law is not what he has in mind for his followers and spells out clearly what he expects of all those who profess to believe in him.  He does not lay down rules and regulations for every situation in life but he asks us to keep a check on our inner attitudes, on our motivations.  What we say and do must express what is in our hearts because good attitudes produce sincere actions.  Anyone can easily perform an outwardly good deed to impress friends, but God is not so readily fooled by such an action.  Jesus gives the commandments a deeper meaning, stating that they are to be written into our hearts and into the innermost part of our being.  The commandments are a blessing from God and a sign of his care for us. They are for our own welfare and pave the path to inner freedom.  If our goal is merely to avoid breaking them then we are not striving for any measure of perfection but simply fulfilling the basic minimum required for salvation.  In essence, Jesus invites us to relate to God and each other in a new way.  Our approach should be based on what pleases God rather than on what we are bound to do.