6th Sunday of Easter

St. Pius X | News
4 May 2018

Jesus not only told his disciples what to do but also gave them a standard by which to measure their love.  He said, “Love one another as I have loved you.”  This love knows no limits.  This love symbolizes total self-giving.  Perhaps one of the reasons why both the Lord and his beloved disciple constantly preached these simple words about love was because they recognized just how hard they are to keep.  To love one another is, as we’ve experienced ourselves in the Christian life, not that easy. And love is the mark of Christians because it is the mark of Christ – who loved us so much to give his life for us – and the mark of God, who, as Saint John later tells us, is love.  And it is for this very reason that the Church in her wisdom gives us these readings today as a great gift, so that we, toward the end of this Easter season, might be able to take a hard look at how we love, or whether we truly love at all.  And so, may the Lord through this Eucharist fill us with that love that knows no bounds, so that we may love him with all we’ve got and love others as he loves them.  May he give us his heart to love, so that others in seeing our concrete, tangible, visible and vocal love for them may be brought to the Source of that love.