7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
22 Feb 2019

One of the key tasks facing any Christian community is to put into action the gospel of forgiveness, by refusing to harbor thoughts of hatred and revenge for our enemies.  Christ calls us to a radical re-ordering of our lives when he warns us to be on our guard against the all too natural temptation to retaliate by paying back one wrong with another.  Instead we are to demonstrate generosity of heart by seeing beyond our hurts and injustices.  If we are intent upon pleasing our loving God, a consideration of God’s limitless mercy should prompt us to put the teachings of Jesus into practice.  Each of us can start forgiving right now by curbing a sharp tongue of criticism, suppressing the revenge instinct and accepting the irritating behaviour of a neighbour. The Gospel ends with a plea to show compassion for those who have done wrong.  Compassion is the outgoing love of God which gives us the ability to appreciate and share the joys and troubles of a neighbour.  We can often live in close proximity with people and be unaware of how they really feel and how much they are in need of our help and understanding.  As we gather round the table of the Lord, we pray that our hearts may not be insensitive to the sufferings of others but a source of hope and encouragement to those in distress and in need of our help.