7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
21 Feb 2020

The Gospel reveals the ugly side of human nature and shows us up for what we are – people who are full of petty jealousies, hatreds and spites.  One of the greatest challenges in Christ’s teaching is to love those who hate and harm us.  And even though we are very much aware that a personal remark or a cutting word from a neighbor automatically sparks off a row and revenge is sought immediately we have all been guilty of doing this.  The world we live in has raised vengeance to the level of virtue and pours scorn on those who are weak or vulnerable, those who don’t seek retaliation but allow this to happen to those around them and themselves.  Christ rejects the law of revenge and insists on his followers repaying evil with kindness.  When we grow to hate someone, we give that person power and control over us which eats into our heart and destroys our peace of mind.  Jesus tells us that such attitudes are not in line with his teachings.  People who behave in such a manner have not even begun to appreciate what Christianity is all about.  Christ’s message is one of forgiveness, pardon and generosity urging us to love others irrespective of whether or not we are loved in return.  This gospel points to the necessity of having a forgiving heart as a basic essential for loving our enemies.  When we offer pardon and show forgiveness we rise to the level of Christ.  The challenge is to decide whether hatred or love is the main motivating factor in our lives.  Love of a neighbor is always the distinguishing mark of a Christian.