8th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
1 Mar 2019

In the Gospel today our attention is drawn to a number of practical points on Christian living, which are broad in scope and rich in truth.  Following Jesus is a serious occupation and leaves no room for comfortable complacency.  Our words and conversation, the fruit of our tongues are a true indication of our spiritual health and our Christian life.  We are asked to search as carefully for our own faults as we do for the faults of others. The person who is aware of their own weaknesses and is striving to overcome them is slow to judge and swift to give the benefit of the doubt.  The lesson on how dangerous it is to pass judgment on others stands at the heart of the gospel message.  Jesus was never in the judgment business.  He used words to heal, restore and to bring back life, joy and hope.  Our striving to imitate the Lord and produce the fruits of good living is seriously hampered when we allow judgmental attitudes to take root in our lives.  The honest and perceptive Christian will pay more attention to personal shortcomings, knowing that it is only with God’s help that they can be overcome.