CORONAVIRUS – Precautions for Masses

St. Pius X | News
12 Mar 2020

Regarding: Coronavirus (Covid – 19)

The first case of Covid-19 has been reported in Prince Edward Island. Authorities are now referring to the spread of the virus as a pandemic so people are becoming anxious; Parishioners are wondering what precautions should be taken during our Liturgies. I therefore ask you to consider implementing the following until further notice.

Hygiene and Sunday Obligation:

Remind your people that anyone with flu like symptoms and other serious symptoms of ill health are  excused from Sunday obligation.

Sign of Peace: 

Please advise that a simple head bow or similar non-contact gesture may be used.

A handshake or other physical contact is not advisable.

Reception of Holy Communion:

 Each communicant is encouraged to:

a) Receive communion on the hand and immediately consume the host

b) Refrain from communion on the tongue to prevent the spreading saliva to other communicants

c) Refrain from communion from the cup if such is the practice in your parish.

Ministers of Communion

a ) People with symptoms of cold or flu should avoid distributing communion.

b) All ministers should use a hand sanitizer before distributing communion.  Hand sanitizer may be placed on the credenza.   This gesture is not liturgical and therefore should be done discreetly.

c)  When transferring consecrated bread from paten to ciborium or between ciboria avoid touching the hosts; that is, do not transfer hosts by hand.

d) People preparing sacred vessels for bread and wine and communion should use sanitizer or hand-wash before and after handling the sacred vessels, bread and wine.

Holy Water

Please empty the holy water fonts at the Church entrance until further notice.

With appreciation for your cooperation in this important health matter,

Sincerely yours in Christ,

+Bishop Richard Grecco