Appeal for Hunger Crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa

St. Pius X | News
10 Jul 2022

Development and Peace has launched an appeal for the Hunger Crisis in Sub-Sahara Africa. You are probably aware, the combined effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, droughts, floods, civil conflicts, political instabilities and the food shortages now caused by the war in Ukraine have left 50 million people “teetering on the edge of famine.” Needless to say, this is an urgent situation and merits an immediate and generous response. That is why, as members of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, we have joined the Humanitarian Coalition’s Hunger Crisis appeal. Until July 17, all donations for the crisis will be matched dollar for dollar (up to a maximum of $5 million) by the government of Canada. The Diocesan website has an article. Contact and find the story and donation information or call 1-888-234-8533. Local contact: 902-969-2693.