St. Pius X | News
13 Apr 2017

The resurrection is the story of the unexpected. The resurrection is hard to grasp, yet it is the central mystery of our redemption. Christ’s victory at Easter breaks all the chains of sin we have ever made for ourselves. Easter then calls us to celebrate the fact that the light of Christ has come into the darkness of our world providing us with hope for a future greater than we dare to believe. It challenges us to share a kind of living that goes beyond the expectations of this earth. Easter has no meaning for us if Christ has emptied his tomb and we are afraid to come forth and put the darkness of sin to flight by exposing ourselves to the light. All our hopes and happiness come from Christ’s resurrection. The good news is that in all the dark and despairing moments of life the possibility of resurrection exists because no defeat is final and no life is written off as hopeless. We are builders or destroyers of our own destiny so let us make use of the power of Jesus to ensure that our life grows towards God. It is through our union with Christ in baptism that we share in the glory of his resurrection. This Eucharistic celebration provides us with an opportunity of renewing our commitment to Christ personally, by taking a fresh look at the life we vowed to lead. Baptism means letting the word of God dwell in our hearts by doing everything in our lives in the name of Jesus Christ. May we open our hearts this Easter to allow the Lord to increase the gift of His life within us.