Easter Sunday

St. Pius X | News
29 Mar 2018

Easter is about baptism and new life.  Although Easter celebrations lead us to an empty tomb.  Today’s Gospel does not present us with the risen Jesus.  Instead, it presents us with the empty tomb!  The angel asks: “Why do you look for the living among the dead?”  That is a great question!  We do not normally look for the dead among the living.  So why would you look for the living among the dead?  Unfortunately, we humans are still looking for the living among the dead.  We look for life in things that have no life in them.  Men and women look for life in fancy cars, clothing, big houses and expensive diamonds.  We look for life in alcohol, drugs, food and physical pleasures of various kinds.  We have tried money, war, power and pleasure.  We never find love, joy and peace in these  things  ~ except us becoming spiritually empty tombs!  Yet we continue trying these things.  Today’s feast provides us with a fresh opportunity of facing ourselves with the issues of our own resurrection.  It presents us with the challenge of spreading the light and the life of the Risen Christ.