Epiphany of the Lord

St. Pius X | News
5 Jan 2018

God revealed himself to the Jews through the Scriptures, and to the Gentiles through nature.  Since the Magi were Gentiles, Matthew shows them receiving a revelation through astrology.  The story highlights the paradox of how the Jews who have the Scripture reject Jesus, while Gentiles come and, with the help of Scriptures, find and adore him.  For Matthew the story of the Magi becomes an anticipation of the fate of the Good News of salvation, a fate that he knew in the aftermath of the resurrection.  When we look closely at how the Magi came to Bethlehem, we quickly come to realize that the image we have, and the reality are pretty distant from one another.  In Matthew’s Gospel, the only mention of a star was that they had saw it at its rising.  It did not guide them to Bethlehem, but merely was an indication that something unusual had happened.  So, their journey was neither simple nor easy.  After seeing the star, they travelled in darkness, and had to ask and seek and enquire. In truth this is an indication of what we should expect to encounter on our faith journey.  We will encounter difficulties and doubts.  And in imitation of the Magi, we must not be too proud to ask for guidance that will enable us to find Christ and offer our love to him.