Feast of Pentecost

St. Pius X | News
7 Jun 2019

The picture in the gospel about Pentecost is a colorful description of the spectacular beginnings of the infant church as an active missionary community.  The Holy Spirit like a roaring wind descends with tongues of fire on the heads of the apostles and breathes new life into this faint-hearted band.  The immediate impact on the apostles is radical and dramatic.  They are no longer the terrified and cowardly collection of individuals locked away in the upper room for fear of the Jews.  Their world, which had fallen apart with the crucifixion and death of Jesus was changed and transformed into a new creation.  They emerge full of enthusiasm, gifted with eloquence and with a very clear sense of their vocation. The gift of the Holy Spirit, given at Pentecost, is available to the worshiping community gathered here, provided we are open and willing to receive it.  Being a patient father, a loving mother, a good listener and having time for the elderly may not attract the headlines but it witnesses to the fact that God is to be found in the humdrum of a daily routine.  As we face the difficulties and trials on our earthly journey we should rejoice that the Holy Spirit is ever present, enlightening our mind with hope and gradually forming Christ in us as he did in the womb of Mary.