Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ

St. Pius X | News
1 Jun 2018

It doesn’t matter what you or I believe about the Eucharist.  What does matter is what Christ Himself believes about it.  For the answer we must go to today’s  Gospel where Jesus says  “….this is my body….this is my blood.” That is what  Jesus believes about himself.  Christ did not mean the Eucharist to be just a symbol, but a real presence.  It was not by accident that Jesus chose bread at the Last Supper to represent His flesh.  It is one of the staples of our life.  One finds it on the tables of both the poor and the rich at every meal all over the world.  Bread is both a healthy food and a wonderful energy supplier.  This everyday table bread through His divine power is turned into wonder bread.  The bread then transforms us.  The word “companion” is a lovely word.  It comes from two Latin words: cum which means with, and panis which means bread.  So, a companion literally means someone whom I share bread.  It is not everyone that one enjoys a meal with, nor everyone that you invite in for a cup of tea.  There has to be a bond.  And that bond is deepened by the sharing of food and drink. Eat and drink deeply.  God’s concern and love for us is the mystery of the Eucharist.