Feast of the Holy Family

St. Pius X | News
29 Dec 2017

We call Jesus’ family the Holy Family, and rightly so.  But perhaps we have an idealized picture of it:  angels whispering in the ears of Mary and Joseph, telling them what to do in moments of doubt, warning them in times of danger, and so on.  It’s as if they never had a doubt, never had to agonize over a decision.  So how can the Holy Family become a model for our families?  Moreover, we tend to see the home at Nazareth as a place where perfect harmony and complete understanding always reigned.   It’s as if Jesus, Mary and Joseph lived on a sunlit island, cut off from the storms of the world.  We are not told much about the life of the Holy Family in the Gospels.  All we get are some glimpses.  But these glimpses are enough to show how unreal the above picture is.  We see that the Holy Family had more than its share of troubles.  When we look at the whole picture, no one can claim that the Holy Family lived a sheltered and trouble-free life.  Because the Holy family knew sorrow, trouble and pain, it can serve as a model for us.  In truth, there is no such thing as a perfect family.  Every family goes through rough times.  Every family has to make sacrifices.  What is important is how we deal with these problems and how we resolve these conflicts.  The Holy Family had to struggle and to make sacrifices.  We can follow their example in guiding us by including them in our day-to-day prayers.