Feast of the Holy Family

St. Pius X | News
23 Dec 2014

Christ is, above all, a family feast and while our thoughts are still centred on Bethlehem and the Holy Family, the readings of this liturgy deal with various aspects of family life. Speaking about the Holy Family may be somewhat off-putting as our own home may be a far cry from this loving ideal. Let us not forget that Mary and Joseph, like another parents, had their own problems and difficulties to face. The family is as old as humankind and has survived because it is built on the strong foundation of love. We may not be able to change many things in the world but our influence does extend over our own homes and our own family. Like any other worthwhile project, family life, to be successful, has to be given time and energy to develop. It does not happen automatically. Love, harmony and mutual respect, which are the basic ingredients of a happy family, have to be witnessed in action. Example teaches best. Attitudes of loving and caring which are encouraged in the earliest days, have a deep and lasting influence. Children become, in later life, what their homes have made them, and when they have learned to give as well as receive, they develop a growing awareness of others. Family life never runs smoothly and today it is more difficult and trying than ever before. It is the raw material from which we fashion our sainthood. On this Feast of the Holy Family we ask Mary and Joseph to make our families pleasing to God, to be the heart and centre of every home throughout the world and to put a new spirit into this basic unit of all society.