Feast of the Transfiguration

St. Pius X | News
4 Aug 2017

At times we read the Scriptures and immediately we see how it connects to our lives.   But there are other passages from the Gospels that don’t have that effect.  In fact, they seem so disconnected with our lives, that we often don’t give them a second thought.  Perhaps today’s story of the Transfiguration of Our Lord falls into that category.  It seemed that the Transfiguration lasted only a short time, and yet St. Peter encourages us to be attentive to it because it is like a lamp shining in a dark place.  In our own lives, we also experience moments of transfiguration, and we must learn not only to trust those moments, but also to treasure them.  Whenever we recall genuinely happy, joyful and peaceful times, we are recalling times when we experienced the presence of God in a special way.  Even if those moments were not explicitly religious, God was still in them because God is the true and deep source of all that is loving, peaceful and joyful. The Scriptures tell us that Mary treasured her memories of Jesus’ birth and all that surrounded it.  Perhaps, these memories were sources of strength and consolation for her as she saw her Son go through his passion and death.  Whenever and wherever we experience the glory and divinity of God ~ whether it is in our human relationships or relationship with nature or in our life of prayer ~ may we carry those treasures in our heart and call upon them when we find ourselves struggling with the darkness.