Letter from Bishop Grecco for Holy Week

St. Pius X | News
6 Apr 2020

Dear People of the Diocese of Charlottetown,

We are living in trying times.  We have never experienced a crisis of global proportion, a pandemic.  We have altered drastically our daily lives, our work habits, our social activities including our Sunday services, to promote public health and to protect our loved ones and our community.

The Parish Churches of the Diocese of Charlottetown continue offering daily Mass for you so that collectively we remain strong and determined to support each other throughout these many difficult days.  Despite the absence of parishioners at Mass the priests know that many parishioners join them through their own personal prayers and family devotions.  Many of the Parish Priests in Prince Edward Island have the technical savvy to live-stream daily and Sunday Masses.

The Diocesan website contains an updated list of these.

In addition to social media outreach, mentioned above, the Diocese encourages the following:

  • On Good Friday at 9:00 a.m.  Eastlink Community TV will televise the Scriptural Way of the Cross. Parishes that live stream likely will offer Good Friday service as well.
  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) is available for individuals at Parish Churches /Pastoral Unit, by contacting the Parish Priest.
  • On Easter Sunday at 12 o’clock noon, as Church bells are rung, I invite all the faithful across PEI to pray the Lord’s Prayer. In Solidarity may our united, prayerful voices help us rise above this crisis and one day rise with Christ to eternal life.

These days have given us the time to steel our will to overcome the difficulties we face.

Easter Sunday celebrates a promise full of hope.   We rely, as always, on God’s grace for the strength and hope that will get us through this crisis together.   


Bishop Richard Grecco, Diocese of Charlottetown