Nativity of Saint John the Baptist

St. Pius X | News
22 Jun 2018

The birth of John the Baptist is one of the oldest feasts in the church’s calendar.  In the early days of the church it was difficult to mention Jesus Christ without referring to John the Baptist so much were their lives woven together.  He was an unusual character, an eccentric who from his earliest years lived in the wilderness – what we would call a drop-out from normal society.  From the outset his life had all the indications of tragic greatness, steeped as it was in mystery and solitude.  Once he began to preach, the crowds flocked to hear him and were so fascinated by his message that many mistook him for the Messiah. For those in search of God, John’s greatest desire was to point them towards Jesus.  He was very clear in fulfilling his role of being a voice crying in the wilderness preparing a way for the Lord and making straight his paths.  His whole life was absorbed in being a fearless speaker for God and a supporting character to Jesus.  In every age there is a need for prophets to speak for God in the various situations of life.  We live our vocation properly to the extent that we allow Jesus to take over our lives while following him with our own faltering steps, and announcing him as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.