New Year’s message from Pastor

St. Pius X | News
1 Jan 2021

HAPPY NEW YEAR…. As we prepare to bring the
Christmas season to a close for yet another year, most
people will acknowledge that his past year 2020 was a
year like no other. It has been a very difficult year for
many people, since the normal day-to-day activities
were anything but normal. Restrictions on visitation to
family members confined to health-care facilities placed
a tremendous mental strain on all family members. The
way we conducted many of our liturgies had to be
changed and even the way we celebrated funerals saw
dramatic changes while making every effort to still
provide the opportunity for family to gather to
remember their loved ones. Even within the parish
community we had to continually adjust to the everchanging Health protocols to ensure that were able to
provide a safe environment for parishioners to once
again gather, even if it was in much smaller numbers.
Now with the vaccine in production and being
distributed across the country, we can see some light at
the end of the tunnel. During this difficult time, I want
to sincerely thank the parishioners of this parish for their
commitment and participation in doing your part to
make sure that we would be able to continue providing
spiritual support to the entire parish. When the call
went out looking for volunteers to fill the various
ministries for our live-stream Masses, and then for the
Masses once we were permitted to open, without
hesitation, people came forward offering their time and
talent. As well, parishioners have continued to
generously financially support this parish. I want to
sincerely thank each and everyone of you. We all look
forward to this year 2021 and ask our loving God to bless
us and our families. May the presence of Christ bless
you all with good health, and much happiness and peace in
the New Year 2021. Happy New Year!
Fr. Maurice and Staff of St. Pius X. Parish