Parking lot paving project continues

St. Pius X | News
24 Aug 2018

Parking Lots Paving Project continues….. As you can see, the paving project is not yet complete. Asphalt still has to be applied to the back parking lot and the rectory driveway has yet to be completed. Most of the entryways to the parking lot are now blocked off with cones. This is in an attempt to curb some of the needless traffic of vehicles and especially heavy trucks using the parking lot for overnight parking, Please use caution in parking or walking, especially in the area where the handicapped parking spaces were, as there is a 8 inch drop off from the asphalt. There will be a considerable amount of landscaping to be completed once all the paving is finished. As well we will have to have the parking lines painted on both lots as well as No Parking Fire Lane markings on the driveways to the main church entrance. We will return to our regular weekday Mass schedule this week with Masses on Monday, Thursday and Friday. We continue to ask for your patience and understanding as the project proceeds.