Passion (Palm) Sunday

St. Pius X | News
12 Apr 2019

Passion Sunday commemorates the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.  For Christ, it’s the beginning of the last week of his life, a week of violent contrasts, which will end in grief and glory.  Throughout the passion our attention is focused on Jesus who appears as a person completely absorbed in prayer, responding quietly and sensitively to each new moment of sorrow.  What wrenches Jesus’ heart more than anything is the pain he felt when Peter denies him and most of the disciples scatter to the four winds. On Calvary, he is crucified between two thieves and dies as a common criminal.  Mary alone stands at the foot of the cross faithful to the last.  During this most solemn week of the church year we are invited to take the road with Mary and those few friends who follow Christ to Calvary, and to be silently at his side. He wants the work of his cross to touch our lives, to break our sinful ways so that we may be changed and know God. The sufferings of Christ which we recall in a special way during Holy Week have been a source of strength to countless people throughout the ages.  His passion gives us at least a tiny glimpse into the mystery of suffering that surrounds us on all sides. But there is not much point in dwelling on the crucifixion of Christ during this solemn week if it is an isolated event and not linked with the drams of suffering that goes on in our lives for the rest of the year.