Passion (Palm) Sunday

St. Pius X | News
23 Mar 2018

With Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem, amidst all the excitement and shouts of “Hosanna”, I wonder if anyone could “hear” what was going on within the person riding on the colt?  What was Jesus feeling?  What was he sensing?  Was he as joy-filled and happy as those shouting and laying down palm branches as he passed?  Or was something else going on inside this preacher who healed the blind, raised the dead and who taught with authority?  Perhaps this experience was bitter-sweet as he knew, deep down, that he was letting go of a life that took him into people’s lives and hearts and where he often stepped outside the box to heal the sick, forgive the sinner, and free the captive.  Could Jesus be wondering, as he entered Jerusalem, “Do they still not understand where God is to be found?”  In our day-to-day life are we listening to the mind and heart of Jesus as evidenced in those engaged in the process of “letting go?”  What is it that we need to “let go” of in order to enter into the heart of Christ? Is it an attachment to a place, a behavior, an object, or an attitude?  Can we let go of it by first developing a relationship with the Father that help us to let go?  Can we then be free to hear Christ as the one who speaks to us at table, or the neighbor on the street, the homeless person, or spouse, or child?  For this week can we hear Jesus utter the words, “Do this in memory of Me,” or “Father forgive them,” or “Into your hands  I commend my spirit” as it is spoken from the livers of people with whom we live, work, and worship?”