Reflection for 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
17 Jul 2020

We can see from the gospel passage that the people Christ was preaching to were country folk, close to the earth, aware of the rise and fall of the seasons and with a keen eye for harvest time.  Christ compares the church, the people of God, to a field where wheat and weeds grow side by side until the harvest.  In the world today, good and bad people mix like wheat and weeds growing in the same field.  This gospel story gives us an insight into the life of God whose power is best displayed in leniency and endless patience.  With God no one is ever written off or considered beyond redemption.  God’s mercy is more urgent than his judgment and his nature is best revealed in his tolerance towards the wayward in our midst.  God cares for everybody, but especially for those whose lives are choked by sin.  By wanting to right the wrongs of society we can easily forget that it is God’s world.  God is in control and it is not our business to judge others before he does.  It should suffice to know that in the end good will triumph.  The emphasis in this gospel is on exercising patience and showing tolerance until God makes his great gathering on judgment day.  In the meantime, as members of the church, we all share the task of revealing the patience of God by forgiving the faults of others.  Many of us will find this challenging, as we may be harsh or judgmental by nature.  Let us all be thankful that on that last day we shall be judged by God and not by one another.