Reflection for 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
26 Jul 2020

The readings today issue a direct challenge to all types of worldly life-styles and tell us to get our priorities right.  The treasure the gospel is referring to is our faith which tell us we are heirs to the kingdom of God.  It is so important and valuable that everybody must give it absolute priority.  At the end of the day nothing else matters because worldly values are destined to pale into insignificance.  Our search should not be for superficial happiness but to develop a good relationship with God.  One of the encouraging aspects of this gospel story is that such a treasure can be found in ordinary places.  God is constantly speaking to us in the simplicity of our lives.  What we’ve got to do is to open our eyes to his presence and search for him in the bits and pieces of everyday happenings.  This will only come about with prayer and by taking a good look at ourselves and trying to discover what God is saying to us at any given moment.  We can stumble across the treasure, in suffering bravely borne and properly accepted or when a serious illness leaves us invalided and our entire future is put in jeopardy.  Such times of crisis with everything falling apart may be a call to new growth and an adventure in holiness.  If we really want happiness there is no point in turning to the passing things of life hoping that they will fill our emptiness and loneliness.  We must invest time and energy in detaching ourselves from such superficiality.  Our great destiny is to share in God’s glory so our sole preoccupation should be to stake everything on Christ and the values he stands for and portrays.