Reflection for 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
22 Aug 2020

In many ways it’s amazing that Christ selected Peter as the leader of the church because his record would not even have impressed his own contemporaries.  By human reckoning he was a disastrous choice and should never have been appointed.  You could hardly describe him as a stable person because at times he was brave while on other occasions he displayed complete cowardice.  But despite Peter’s deficiencies and history, his call to lead was a most important step in the development of the church.  Christ had confidence in him, released a great power within his being and entrusted him with a mission which was crucial for the continuation of his work.  The choice of Peter as head of the church is an example of the power of God at work ~ using the weak things of this world to confound the strong.  Before his encounter with Christ, Peter’s life had little meaning.  There is a very human aspect to Peter’s life story to which we can easily relate.  His weakness and moments of betrayal are common-place in our own lives.  However, his deep-seated trust in the person of Christ more than compensates for any failure as will a similar trust on our part.  Being Christian commits us to live in a particular manner and involves having moral standards which differ from so many in society.  One thing is certain ~ a neutral stance to Christ’s vision of life is not possible, because to follow him is to live decisively and to take an active responsibility for our behavior.