Reflection for 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
28 Aug 2020

In our journey here on earth, in the grand scheme of things we are set a whole series of tests.  The road is never a straight one and suffering is a reality of human life.  In the world greed, cruelty and sickness are the order of the day.  Our earthly pilgrimage is so beset with trials and tribulations that it is aptly named a ‘valley of tears’.  We have all experienced our share of hardship in the form of sickness, loss of job or death in the family.  Down the ages the problem of pain has been the debating ground of so much human thought and the torment of so many noble souls.  When things go wrong and affliction comes our way we cry out and protest in bitter rebellion.  It’s a natural tendency to turn one’s back on trouble but running away from pain can never bring joy, for to hide from it is to pretend that it does not exist.  Being a Christian is a demanding honor because God’s way of doing things is contrary to human expectations.  In the Gospel, Christ tells us plainly that discipleship involves denying ourselves, taking up the cross in trust and confidence and following his footsteps across the hill of Calvary.  It’s a hard teaching but the measure of greatness in the kingdom of heaven is the standard of the cross.  This is an occasion to reflect on our own commitment to Christ because it’s easy to lose sight of our final goal in life.  Our hearts are tempted to seek comfort in material things and to avoid hardship.  Many of us barely give God a few minutes of our daily lives, and yet if asked to identify ourselves we have no hesitation is professing that we are Christian.